Our story

Our story

How Tandem was born

Returning to Greece after a European Volunteering Service Program, we, Patty and Katerina met and got to know each other as volunteers at the Voula Children’s Rehabilitation and Therapy Annex for Disabled Children or (formerly) PIKPA Voula, having different experiences and ideas in our luggage. The ever-increasing needs of children and young people in this area led us to find new volunteers and develop more activities, realizing that this “microsystem of the institution” that we had found in front of us could be changed with our intervention. Thus, we decided to join our personal journeys, share our dreams and aspirations and contribute to making greater and perhaps more meaningful changes in the lives of the people who have resided and continue to reside in this space. 

This is how Tandem was born, in 2007, which acquired the legal form of a Non-Profit Organisation in order to systematise the offer of its volunteers. Tandem S.M.C.E. continues to this day “to cycle” with its main motivation to improve the quality of life of children, young people and adults living in institutions and to create conditions for their transition to the most independent and dignified living outside the institution.

Why the name Tandem

Our name is inspired by the double bike “tandem” in which the cyclists share the effort and the route.

Compared to a conventional bicycle, the tandem bike has almost twice the power and allows two people of different strengths to ride together, which is why it is one of the most popular Paralympic sports, in which riders riding together are considered equal competitors.

Thus, Tandem is based on the cooperation of people with and without disabilities, who want to act, offer, participate and “cycle” together, following the path of inclusion and coexistence.

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