Support us!

Every support has a direct impact on the lives of the children.

You can support us in three ways:




Make a donation or sponsor one of our actions.

Your donation does so much:

  • Giving the children and youngsters a voice and power of decision making regarding the activities with the volunteers
  • Regular activities outside of the institution regarding the daily life, educational, recreational, sports, creative and stimulation activities
  • Helping the target group with all kinds of problems and supporting them to find a solution as well as listening to their needs and worries
  • Regular outings outside of the institution with the target group to increase visibility and facilitate contact with the local community
  • Participating in and organizing inclusive events with children and youngsters with and without disability
  • Coordinating and educating volunteers from the local community and different european countries and involving them in our actions and activities

Become a Volunteer

Become a Volunteer

An integral part of achieving our goals are our volunteers! For us, the role of volunteers is twofold. They offer their time and energy for a common cause and at the same time they live an experience that helps them in their personal development and contributes to the cultivation of solidarity, empathy and skills.

If you share our philosophy and want to actively contribute to our work, join our team as a volunteer!

You can support us in the following ways:

  • Join a current activity or create an activity based on the needs of the care-receivers and your passion and skills. The activity can be individual or in a group, in or out of the structure and it is important that it has a consistent frequency
  • Provide administrative support to the organisation, depending on your knowledge, experience and interests.

We are always looking for volunteers, so if you would be interested in joining our volunteer team, we invite you to fill out this form below, and we will contact you in order to create a suitable program.

Donate needed Materials and Items

Donate needed Materials and Items

You can contribute to our work by offering material goods such as clothes, toys, books, educational material or anything else that could support a child or a young person living in an institutional setting.

Contact us to find out about our current needs list.