We are looking for a new Young Entrepreneur to experience and support at Tandem NGO in Athens, Greece.
The project takes place in PAPAAV (formerly known as PIKPA), an institution for disabled children and young adults in Athens.
You would have the opportunity to dive into the world of NGOs. Here you can expect an open, colorful and caring team of coordinators and volunteers who try to make the world within an institution a little more colorful. How do we do it? With passion! This can be seen in the way we work. Because everyone can live out their strengths in the areas that suit them best. Therefore, there is no strict division between the areas of finance, volunteering, project management and marketing, instead you can look for your strengths and get a taste of what suits you best. The advantage is that you can bring in and implement your ideas completely independently.
For further details of the project take a look here.
       ▶️Start: As soon as possible
       ⏹️Duration: 3-6 months
       ✅ With a monthly budget of 780€, the European Commission is sponsoring this project. 
If you are interested, contact us or if you know someone that might be, please share this call!